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JetBoost Shower Head

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Nothing is more comforting than a nice, warm shower to soothe and melt away stress and muscle tension at the end of a looong, hectic day.

JetBoost Shower Head by chicsome's secret sauce is the 300 patented micro-jet boost nozzles designed with the sole purpose of amplifying low-pressure showers and increase its water pressure by 300%.

You don't have to deal with measly water pressure anymore!

Imagine standing beneath a waterfall after a crazy day at work, letting the water beat away your sore and tensed muscles, while washing away all your worries and stress. Such a heavenly feeling. With JetBoost Shower Head, you don't have to go looking for an actual waterfall to achieve the desired effect!

JetBoost Shower Head is designed to give you the most powerful and invigorating shower experience like those in 5 star hotels or high end spas straight from your bathroom.

A Nice, Warm & Relaxing High-Pressured Shower, Right In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Our Mission is to make you fall in love with showering in your bathroom again. If unsatisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving the order for a refund, no questions asked!

Why Is JetBoost Shower Head Amazing?

- JetBoost Shower Head amplifies water pressure by 300%

- Get your well deserved waterfall massage at the end of the day, instantly relax, soothe and melt away muscle tension and stress

- Gets you soaking wet much quicker

- Cuts shampoo and soap rinse time  by half

- Universal inlet, suitable for all shower types

- Easy Installation. Simply twist off “old” and twist on “new”. No tools required

For People Looking To Improve Their Shower Experience, Look No Further

Tired of low water pressure? Switch to JetBoost Shower Head and instantly feel the immersive upgrade without having to pay for an expensive pump. JetBoost Shower Head will turn a low pressure shower to a 5 Star Hotel or Spa experience shower.

Waking up every day to a satisfying shower will invigorate you and get you ready to face the day head on.

Finally at the end of the day, get your well deserved waterfall massage to instantly relax, soothe and melt away muscle tension and stress.

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 Frequently Asked Questions About JetBoost ShowerHead

Q: Will this shower head fit my current shower head tube?

A: Yes it will. JetBoost Shower Head works with electric, gas and tank showers with standard fittings. This include motorhomes such as RVs and Caravans. JetBoost Shower Head is universal and will fit all standard shower tubes without any issues. 

Q: Will it fit a wall unit shower head?

A: If it is a wall unit shower, you should get the JetBoost Shower Head package which includes an additional 1.5 meter shower hose and an adjustable angle stick on shower holder. 

Q: How do I install this shower head?

A: JetBoost Shower Head installs in 2 steps without using any tools:-

Step 1. Twist off to remove old shower head from your shower hose

Step 2. Twist on to install JetBoost Shower Head into your shower hose

Q: If my water source is already low pressure will this shower head work?

A. JetBoost Shower Head is designed specifically to address this common problem that scales across many households in the world. You will immediately see a 300% increase in water pressure coming out of the JetBoost Shower Head once installed.

Q: How often do I need to clean this shower head?

A: JetBoost Shower Head's 300 patented micro-jet boost nozzle design prevents any residue build up to keep the shower head clean without requiring periodical maintenance. 

Q: How long will this JetBoost Shower Head last?

A: JetBoost Shower Head is designed and built with very high quality ABS interior and chromic finish. These materials are durable, heat and cold resistant and is built to last for a lifetime.

Our Promise: Fall In Love With JetBoost Shower Or Your Money Back

Try JetBoost Shower Head completely risk free for 30 days. If unsatisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving the order for a refund, no questions asked!


JetBoost Shower Head Only (US$39.99)

1x JetBoost Shower Head 

JetBoost Shower Set (US$49.99)

1x JetBoost Shower Head

1x 1.5 meter / 4.9 foot Shower Hose

1x Adjustable angle 3m stick-on Shower Head Holder

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