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OscilloWave Scalp & Body Massager

OscilloWave Scalp & Body Massager

OscilloWave Scalp & Body Massager

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A hair growth technique so enjoyable we’d probably end up doing it for fun.

Using OscilloWave to massage scalp will help reach hair growth goals better than anyone could possibly imagine, and it is highly relaxing and revitalizing.

Most people tend to underestimate the potential of how a good scalp massager could help with hair loss, stress reduction, and overall well-being

Hair loss can be attributed to a range of causes such as stress, age, genetics, external and chemical pollution, and lifestyle, but people mostly associate it with getting older.

This can make it feel like an unavoidable fact of life, but certain lifestyle activities, such as having a type of head massage, suggest it is far from inevitable.

How Could OscilloWave Help?

OscilloWave Improves Blood Circulation

OscilloWave simulates the effects of a real scalp massage from a masseuse in a high-end salon.

Experience a gentle warmth, satisfying, deep, kneading massage which will absolutely leave the scalp tingling with delight. 

Proper blood flow is key to hair health. If hair follicles don’t receive proper blood flow, then they are at risk for hair loss.

Just by using OscilloWave every day for 10 minutes will provide sufficient blood flow that is pertinent to greatly increase hair thickness, growth and new hair.

A study published in the journal ePlasty in 2016 looked at the effects of scalp massages and found that just ten minutes each day greatly increased hair thickness overtime*.

With more than 50% of women experiencing noticeable hair loss, according to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s not surprising that people are looking for natural hair loss remedies.

*Based on hair count among women and men.

OscilloWave Channels Essential Nutrients to Hair Roots

“A scalp good massage brings nutrient-rich blood flow to hair follicles, which is essential for healthy hair growth,” says Alexis Wolfer, author of The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets.

In order to stimulate the blood circulation and channel more nutrients to the hair roots, OscilloWave is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to grow their hair faster.

The increased circulation ensures the best starting conditions for the hair strands. Don’t forget that a massage for the scalp has many advantages for general well-being and really helps to relax.

When using OscilloWave, the nutrients are firing away at full force which gives hair follicles the much needed boost. Something as simple as using OscilloWave to massage the scalp daily can possibly bring hair back.

Stronger, Healthier, Vibrant & Lustrous Hair

With all the above check box ticked, OscilloWave will surely help achieve a stronger, healthier, vibrant and lustrous set of hair. With stronger and healthier hair, it will not be as prone to breakage anymore

OscilloWave also redistributes excess oil, which keeps the rest of the hair follicles moisturized and prevents the scalp from drying out and causing itching (another hair loss culprit).

Natural Remedy for Migraines, Headaches, & Stress

Alleviate a pounding tension headache or migraine. OscilloWave can help reduce the frequency of chronic migraines, and create mood boosts (through increases in serotonin, the "happy hormone").

Float away in bliss with just a few minutes of using OscilloWave.

Full Body Tension Release

Stress could possibly cause life-threatening issues and is one of the factors contributing to hair loss. A good massage can reduce anyone’s stress almost immediately and can help make problems disappear for a while.

With OscilloWave perfectly replicating human-like massage, it works wonders in reducing stress and anxiety, which is good for hair growth, improves circulation, and lowers the risk of stress-related hair loss.

Feel The Difference with OscilloWave

The unique kneading effect simulated by OscilloWave is the most effective way to relieve tension and soreness all over the body.

It feels as good as a trip to the spa!

IPX-7 Waterproof

It is IPX7 waterproof, so use it even in the showers! Use it with shampoo, hair conditioner or enjoy a nice body massage in the showers.

How Does It Work?

Using deep massage pulsation, the OscilloWave reaches 1.2" - 2" (3-5cm) below the skin to stimulate pain points and lighten discomfort, noticeably reducing neck and shoulder pain with regular use.

This cordless massager has 4 detachable rubber massage heads, each with 28 finger-like nodes that rotate at 2 speeds modes imitating human fingers.

The coordinated, precise movements deliver a soothing massage to the scalp and head without tangling the hair.

Default power off after 10 minutes of use without adjusting the settings allows for safe power consumption and peace of mind.

2 Different Modes

Soothing: Stimulate a genuine human massage using electronic pulse and heat.

This is the Standard Mode.

Pinch: Turn up the heat and strength, for maximum massage performance.

This is the Intense Mode.

Package Includes

1 x OscilloWave Scalp & Body Massager

1 x Charging dock

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

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